Collaborate with confidence

Can You Share Content outside of Your Firewall and Keep it Secure?

Can you share internal customer-facing documents and collaborate without compromising your corporate network? Does the thought of granting external agencies and individuals VPN access make you flinch?



Many organizations struggle with access issues, believing that collaboration comes with security risks. With Alfresco, you can keep your highly valued content secure while still sharing documents:

  • Secure enterprise content repository sits behind your firewall and syncs seamlessly with the  cloud service, allowing for secure collaboration with external agencies or partners
  • Easy-to-configure management capabilities offer total IT control in the cloud
  • Personal dashboard allows users to see what new documents, images or videos have been added to their project sites and what individual team members are accessing
  • Open technology allows you to easily customize the platform to meet your company's unique needs
  • Ability to maintain control of your enterprise assets while using the cloud just for external collaboration and data reporting